Fishermen´s fish sorting is housed in Fish terminal Hirsthals and services 343 cooperative shareholders. An extremely effective work routine is used for the sorting of fish, which makes it possible to deliver quality work for the lowest sorting prices in Denmark.


EU sorting regulations

At Fishermen´s fish sorting the fish is sorted according to EU´s sorting regulations, so it is ready for sale at Hirtshals fish auction and for the further export.


Ice factory

Furthermore Fishermen´s fish sorting own and run the largest of the two ice factories at Port of Hirtshals. Here plate ice is produced for the fishing sector and the processing industry. The ice factory is designed to deliver ice to a wide segment of users and can therefore supply fishing vessels as well as cars. It is also possible to get ice in basins. The ice factory is operated by card, which makes the delivery of ice simple and efficient.



Norgeskajen 12,
9850 Hirtshals


24-hour phone: +45 40 45 86 37
Manager Finn Møller: +45 20 66 00 80

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