Hirtshals Service Group

Hirtshals Service Group is a maritime network consisting of companies with close ties to the Port of Hirtshals. The network offers one entry point to a full-service concept for customers and users of the Port of Hirtshals. The service companies at the Port of Hirtshals offer qualified and competent services to all types of vessels such as fishing vessels, cargo ships, naval vessels, ferries and supply vessels for the oil sector. Due to our geographical location, we have extensive experience in servicing ships that sail the North Sea area. These include ships from Norway, Sweden and Great Britain, which for many years have been pleased to call into port to be serviced by the companies here.


The Port of Hirtshals consists of approximately 465,000 m2 of water area and 1,100,000 m2 of land area divided between quay and road areas as well as commercial areas for rent. There are currently vacant areas for rent at the port in quayside areas. The port has a total of 4.7 km of quay, including 4 ferry berths and 2 ro/ro ramps. In addition, the companies at the port have both a slipway and a floating dock at their disposal. A major expansion of the Port of Hirtshals is in the works, which will significantly increase both land area and, not least, quay areas at the port.



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