Marine-El is an authorized electrician, who works with all kinds of electricity on board ships, in the industry and in private households. Projects in all sizes are carried out professionally from design to test at the customer. Documentation is made in own CAD programme, which makes it easy and quick to adjust drawings etc. Marine-El has extensive experience of control of vacuum pumping equipment, generators and main engines but offers all electrical work within:

– Lighting

– Indoor climate

– Alarm & security

– Control

  • Construction and mounting of control panels is carried out in own workshop
  • PLC controls and programming of for example temperature recorders is carried out in-house, which always gives the customer the possibility to return to a previous project for corrections and extension if required

– Communication

  • Broadband connections to internet and television, IP telephony, entry phone with video monitoring etc.

– Consulting

  • On improvement and legalization if required of existing installations

Furthermore, Marine-El has test equipment for check of generator fields in main control panels plus pressure and temperature measuring equipment for pressure monitors and thermostats.



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Phone: +45 98 94 35 91
Fax: +45 98 94 55 11

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