HMU is a modern building contractor company, which works with all kinds of building and construction work. HMU carries out both small and large assignments for private developers, as well as, awarding authorities. The building contractor company´s specially trained and experienced employees have many different qualifications, so not just the traditional but also the more special assignments can be solved.


HMU works within the following areas:

  • Earthworks with modern equipment
  • Sewer works
  • Concrete works
  • Public utilities work
  • Resurfacing projects
  • Carpentry and joinery from own workshop
  • Forging
  • Add to this own concrete mixing plant plus environmentally approved recycling centre, which receives asphalt and concrete waste


HMU carries out all kinds of building assignments in individual trade, as well as, general or turnkey contracts. They have experience from a range of large building projects and are therefore use to both manage the process from start to finish but also to have a close cooperation with other professional groups for example architects and engineers. HMU is specialized in building in Pir and Pur foam elements for the food industry.



Dalsagervej 1,
9850 Hirtshals


Phone: +45 98 94 45 44
Fax:  +45 98 94 37 34

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