SeaMech works with marine electronics and is specialized in installation and repair of advanced electronics including regulation and control technology and electrical installations for a wide range of vessel types, large as small. SeaMech offers 24-hour service and branches on the ports of Skagen and Hirtshals enables them to service the different vessels quickly and efficiently. SeaMech delivers complete high quality package solutions and has a product range which includes a large selection of electrical and electronic systems.

This is a selection:

  • GMDSS Radio Stations
  • AIS and VDR Systems
  • V-SAT & TV-SAT
  • CCTV Security Systems
  • FLIR IR Camera Systems
  • Radar and Sonar Systems
  • GPS and Navigations Systems
  • Fire detection and firefighting Systems
  • Server and IT Systems

Furthemore, SeaMech has developed and sells the SeaController, which enables optimum control of the vessel`s engines from the bridge. A more precise engine control result in significant energy savings and the flexible system can be enhanced to fit specific needs.



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