Advokaterne Amtmandstoften

The lawyers Amtmandstoften provide legal advice to private persons, companies and public authorities at the highest degree of specialist competence. 

More than 100 years of experience

As one of the eldest lawyer companies in the region The lawyers Amtmandstoften have provided legal advice through generations with the emphasis on stability and versatility on at high degree of specialist and ethical competence, based on direct contact between client and lawyer.

Co-operation and engagement

With a strong team of 16 highly educated and committed employees The lawyers Amtmandstoften strive to a prompt, results-oriented and effective turnround time. Quality is a keyword and with a sense of innovation the optimum result is created in closed teamwork and in close contact with the client. Naturally, all employees are pledged to secrecy.



Amtmandstoften 3
9800 Hjørring,


Tlf : +45 98 92 29 11

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