Tor-Mo Trawl works with basically everything within fishing and fishing equipment and delivers both to Denmark and foreign countries. Everything can be tailored for each particular customer. The primary business area is fishing tackle, including all sorts of trawls, both new material plus repair and adjustment of existing equipment. Tor-Mo Trawl has round-the-clock service, and repairs are often carried out on wharfs in Danish, as well as, foreign ports, while the ships are unloaded. For loyal customers the hourly rate is the same regardless of the time without extra charge and various fees. To be able to service the customers in the best possible way Tor-Mo Trawl has launched a web shop and can therefore offer a wide quality product range within:

  • Trawls

          -Pelagic trawls, fish trawls, lobster trawls, shrimp trawls, Danish seines, oil trawls, fish & lobster pots, traps

  • Clothes, rubber garments and footwear i.a. Grundens, Elka, Dunlop, Viking and Tretorn
  • Twist, ropes/cordage, Taifun and Dyneema rope
  • Chains and ironware
  • Floats and fenders/buoys
  • Tools i.a. mending needles and marline spikes
  • Victorinox knifes
  • Fish baskets etc.

Furthermore, Tor-Mo Trawl also uses its substantial expertise within net to produce fowler’s/aviary nets and is therefore specialists in mounting nets in animal parks, zoos, mink farms etc.



Nordvestkajen 27,
9850 Hirtshals


Phone: +45 98 94 58 25
Fax:+45 98 94 58 74

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