Hirtshals Yard

Hirtshals Yard specializes in ship repair, docking, and modifications of all types of vessels, possessing detailed knowledge of all kinds of marine equipment. Our unique location with direct access to the North Sea keeps us within close reach of all ships in the Northern European area. At Hirtshals Yard, you will encounter a skilled and experienced workforce ready for all aspects of ship repair, modifications, and maintenance, ensuring your vessel is in safe hands. We always strive to provide reliable service.

Solutions are offered in the following areas:

  • Steel repair and replacement
  • Insurance claims
  • Ship classification and conversion
  • Mechanical work on propulsion systems, auxiliary machinery, and engines
  • Electrical work, ship electronics, hydraulics, and ventilation
  • RSW refrigeration technology
  • Surface treatment including sandblasting, metallization, and painting
  • Carpentry and fitting work

Hirtshals Yard always works to offer efficient, high-quality solutions at competitive prices. With highly experienced employees, an easily accessible location, and high flexibility through unique collaboration with several local subcontractors, Hirtshals Yard can keep delivery times as short as possible.



Jens Munksvej 1,
9850 Hirtshals


Phone: +45 81 45 40 41
Mail: info@hirtshalsyard.dk

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