Nordjysk Skilte og Solfilm

Nordjysk Skilte og Solfilm delivers everything within signs, car decoration, sun coating and safety film. The competent and dedicated employees solve both small and large assignments and provide advice and guidance, so the finished product always meets the customer ´s requests and needs.


Nordjysk Skilte og Solfilm has a wide range of products and delivers solutions within the following areas:

  • Signs and facades
  • Car decoration & packing
  • Print on everything. For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Air advertising. Inflatable advertising


Aside from strong competences within advertising, signposting and car decoration Nordjysk Skilte og Solfilm also delivers and mounts sun coating and safety film on both cars and buildings. In that way plain glass can be changed into safety glass as a protection against stone´s throw, burglary, vandalism, powerful explosions and damages caused by broken glass. Besides style and elegance sun coating also contributes to a better indoor climate by protecting against sunlight, heat and harmful UV radiation, whether it is a car or a building, where the sun coating also reduces the heat loss in the winter and thus ensures a lower energy consumption.



Nejstdalen 1 b,
9850 Hirtshals


Phone: +45 20 66 45 61

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