Hirtshals Marineoil is a locally rooted company centrally placed on Port of Hirtshals, which sells marine gas oil, diesel and lubricating oil for competitive prices to all kinds of vessels, which call at the port. Delivery of marine gas oil and diesel is offered from own tank installations via ex pipe from 2 bunker stations and self-service installations centrally placed on Port of Hirtshals. By large orders delivery can also be made by the supply boat “Strombus” ( 40.000 litres) or by tank truck filled up from the tank installation.

Apart from marine gas oil and diesel Hirtshals Marineoil sells a wide range within the following:

– Lubricating oils

  • Quality products from Shell, Mobil and OK
  • Lubrication oils etc. not held in stock are purchased from day to day

– Cleaning materials

  • Complete range of cleaning materials from Sapolux for use on land as well as at sea

– b0-transport diesel for yachts and pleasure boats without colour or bio addition

Naturally, Hirtshals Marineoil has 24-hour service. Refuelling of diesel for fishing vessels are offered via business card from the self-service installation at Pier II. The business card can be ordered online at the website of Hirtshals Marineoil. The self-service installation is open 24 hours and also receives Dankort card and international payment cards. On the purchase of large orders of lubricating oil delivery is made by platform truck with the possibility of pumping onboard from barrels. By order of 6.000 litres lubricating oil or more delivery is offered with tank truck for very competitive prices, if only order is made 1-2 weeks before delivery.



Pier II. Nr. 6,
9850 Hirtshals


Phone: +45 98 94 23 44
Mail: info@hirtshals-marineolie.dk